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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to enter Date of Birth?


In some schools there are students with the same name in the same class or year. The date of birth assists the school in distinguishing which student the payment relates to. 


Note: date of birth is not required if class or year AND an invoice number are entered for a student. Some schools choose to issue invoices, others do not. 


2. Why do I have to enter the student's details each time I make a payment, isn't it stored in the system?


When you make a payment you are in a secure Westpac website, for privacy and security of data no student details are maintained within the Westpac site. You must enter the details with each payment. 


3. The screen keeps displaying the data I have just completed, it is not moving on?


Scroll through the whole screen, any errors will be shown in RED, you cannot progress until you resolve the error. 


4. The screen on my mobile phone is different to the screen on my computer, why?


The screens on mobile phones and tablets are designated as mobile friendly and are easier to use. 


5. I don't know the student registration number, what is it?


The student registration number is optional, if the school issues invoices the number may appear on the invoice. Some schools use this on advice to parents, but not all schools. 


6. What is the Ref or Invoice number, I don't know it?


The ref or invoice number is optional. Some schools use this on advice to parents, but not all schools. 


7. Why can't I deposit directly to the school's bank account?


A direct deposit does not give the school any detail as to what you are paying for. The description space varies from bank to bank and is limited so the students name and class may not fit. Schools can have students with the same name and it is difficult to distinguish which student the payment relates to. 


8. Why can't I use BPay?


BPay only allows a total amount to be paid, payers are not able to select particular items to pay. 


9. Does the school see my credit card details?


The credit card details are masked on any reports to the school. e.g. 411111xxxxx4111


10. Can I use a debit card or PayPal for payments?


Payments can only be made using Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. American Express, Diners Club or EFTPoS cards are not accepted. PayPal is not a payment option using this process. 


If a payer only has an EFTPoS debit card then the schools EFTPoS terminal, cash or cheque are alternate methods of payment.  


11. I have made a payment in error, how can I cancel it?


Contact the school and request that they cancel the transaction. This can be the same day that the transaction was processed or at a later date.


12.  If I select $ Make a payment on the school's website and the screen does not change who should I contact?


Contact the school office and request to speak to the School Administration Manager. 


13. I haven't used online payments before, is it difficult?


The payment process has been developed to be very user friendly. It follows the format of many other online payment screens that you may have used. 


14. Can I pay for multiple students?


When paying for more than one students the "Make Another Payment" option should be selected on the Online Payment Receipt screen. 


There is no option to add multiple students to a single payment as the details on the initial screen relate to one particular student only.  


You can still make payments in the usual manner i.e. at the school office using cash, cheque, and some schools accept EFTPOS. 


15. I am having difficulties using online payments with my Mac.


Try updating your browser to the latest version.


16. My session has timed out.


If you are delayed I making a payment you will be logged out and will need to recommence the process. 

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