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Personal development, health and physical education

PDHPE 7-10

PDHPE covers a broad range of movement and game-based understanding, which progressively develops each students’ skills over Years 7-10. Topics are highly relevant to all young people and give students the latest health information and skills, with the central goal that they continue to make informed health decisions throughout their lives.

PDHPE teachers are highly skilled and motivated and encourage within all students the positive outlook to health and physical activity that can maintain long and active lives. Our vision is that all students benefit physically, socially and emotionally through consistent participation in physical activity. Moreover, physical, emotional and academic health converge in PDHPE and are all mutually beneficial!

9-10 Electives

  • Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)

For students who want to know how to improve sports and physical performance as well as improve the quality of physical activity at a community level. Here students gain the opportunity to lead others in physical activity.

  • Child Studies

For students who want to understand early childhood development as well pre and post-natal care. Here students create initiatives to help develop healthy children in our communities.

  • Dance

For students who want to learn how to appreciate dance as an art form and develop their skills in expression through movement. Here students perform and analyse performance as well as gain the opportunity to lead their peers in choreographing movement. 

11 – 12 Electives

  • PDHPE (Category A)

For students who want to learn about the science behind human movement as well as understand what goes into effective health promotion in our communities.

  • Dance (Category A)

For students who want to learn about dance as an art form and how to express themselves in a performance discipline.

  • TVET Entertainment (Category A)

For students looking to gain industry experience and learn about what is required behind the scenes of entertainment productions.

  • TVET Sports Coaching (Category B)

For students with a particular interest in sport and leading sport in their community.

  • Exploring Early Childhood (Category B)

For students who want to learn about pre and post-natal development including early childhood. Here students develop educational tolls for young children that will shape critical development.