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Parent Online Payments

Did you know that you can make payments to your child's school online?


We have launched a new online payment portal linked to your school's website to make it easier for you to pay for school related payments.  


How Do I access Online Payments?

Parents can access the schools website via computer, mobile phone or tablet. The $ Make a payment link can be found on the ribbon on the school's Website. By selecting this link you will be taken to a secure Westpac payment page. You will no longer be in the school's website.  


The payment process is intuitive and follows the format of many other online payments that are used every day. 


How Do I Make a Payment?

From the initial payment page payers will complete the details, some of which are mandatory (marked with an *), before confirming the payment details and completing the payment. A receipt can be printed from the payment page and/or be emailed to the payer. 


The payment screens are:

  1. Entering payment details;
  2. Entering credit card details;
  3. Confirmation of payment details; and
  4. Online Payment Receipt.
Entering Payment Details
The payment details screen captures student and payment details. This allows for identification of the student that the payment applies to and what the payment is for.
This is critical to ensure that the right student is credited for the right items.
Where Class or Year AND Invoice number are entered, Date of Birth is not required.  
If only Class or Year OR Invoice number is entered a Date of Birth is required. 
The payment details should come from the school invoice or listing that the school issues. There can be more than one payment line for all items except voluntary school contributions, the items are:
  • Voluntary school contributions (1 payment line), use this for general contributions or donations;
  • Subject contributions (up to 10 payment lines), use this for contributions for specific subjects e.g. Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, etc;
  • Excursions (up to 5 payment lines), use this for specific excursions e.g. Zoo; Opera House, etc.;
  • Sport (up to 5 payment lines), use this for any sporting activities e.g. carnivals and weekly sport activities, etc.;
  • Creative & Practical Arts (up to 5 payment lines), use this for drama, dance, craft levies, etc.;
  • Sales to Students (up to 5 payment line) use this for anything purchased by a student that becomes the property of the student;
  • Other (up to 5 payment lines) this may be used for paying total amounts owed by a student e.g. complete student invoice/statement of account.


When any option is chosen by selecting the tick box, a payment description and payment amount must be included. Deselect an option by checking the tick box again.