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SGHS: Co-curricular Activities

Extracurricular Music Options

All students have the opportunity of learning an ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENT.

These are:      

  1. WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS ie. clarinet, oboe, flute, bassoon,  saxophone (alto and tenor).
  2. STRINGS ie. violin, viola, cello or double bass.
  3. BRASS ie. trumpet, trombone and French horn.
  4. PERCUSSION ie. drums
  5. VOCAL

There are currently 4 ensemble groups:-

  1. ORCHESTRA - which now comprises over 50 students.
  3. SENIOR CHOIR (Years 8 to 12)

Hire of Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are available for hire from music staff within the Creative Arts faculty for $100 per annum.  The hiring fee covers maintenance, strings and reeds.  We believe this is very reasonable when compared with other schools.

The order of preference of instrumental loan is:

  1. Students in elective music Years 9 - 12.
  2. Year 7, then Year 8 music students.
  3. Any member of the orchestras or school ensembles who does not  study music in Years 9 - 12.

Loan is conditional on being a member of a school ensemble or on learning with music tutors so that the student can become a member of an ensemble.  New students will be notified when instruments for hire become available.  If their preferred instrument is not available they can join the waiting list.  We try to purchase new instruments each year.

Tuition in Music

Students may have music lessons during the school day with music tutors.  Tuition fees are paid direct to the visiting tutors for a 30 minute lesson per week.  Cost is $28 for each half hour.


Students may elect to study Dance in both the junior and senior school. Students will perform in the annual Dance and Drama festival, to which parents, friends and teachers are invited to witness student course work. There is a contribution fee for dance to cover costumes, make-up, sound and lighting.


Students may elect to study drama in both the junior and senior school.  In addition, students may audition for the annual Dance and Drama Festival, to which parents, friends and teachers are invited to witness student work.Furthermore, every year senior students are encouraged and supported to apply for the Griffin Theatre Ambassadors program, which allows them a one-year residency with the Griffin Theatre Company, giving them access and insights into theatre production, front-of house, workshops and free performances.